• 5 Main Reasons Why Teenager Start Using Drugs





    5 Main Reasons Why Teenager Start
    Using Drugs – Ask Yourself First


    it can be difficult to determine why a child might start using drugs, there are
    usually some concrete reasons that you can find if you search hard enough.
    Unfortunately, children are exposed to drugs on a regular basis on TV, at
    school, at social activities, on the street and just about everywhere else.


    Peer Pressure & the Desire to
    Fit In


    course peer pressure seems to be one of the reasons children may decide to use
    . While you may have had a great conversation with your child and they
    know it is wrong to do drugs, they may use them anyway if they are running with
    the wrong group of kids. The status quo is important with children, especially
    teenagers. They need to feel like they fit in. This is one of the reasons that
    they begin to use drugs, most of their schoolmates or social friends are using
    drugs, and they want to fit in.


    Using Drugs to Fight Boredom


    is another common reason why children resort to using drugs. In the absence of
    an active social life that gives them a variety of different things to do such
    as sports, exercise, or other hobbies, children become bored. Remember, TV and
    video games are not necessarily a way to keep a child’s mind active and in fact,
    can be detrimental to their overall development. Make sure your child has
    plenty of school activities and activities outside of school as this often
    gives them an opportunity to meet new friends that are also staying busy.


    Hormones & Drugs


    teenagers are extremely susceptible to a variety of very strong hormonal
    influences. As their emotions rise and fall rather rapidly, often, they can
    become involved in drugs due to emotional disturbances. Depression, fear,
    frustration and often a feeling of being overwhelmed can bring a child to drug


    Curiosity about Drugs


    you speak to children or teenagers who have tried drugs and ask them why, one
    of the most frequent responses is curiosity. Teenagers especially are out to
    explore the world and find out how they feel about it. It is important that
    they understand that curiosity is normal but good decisions need to be made
    concerning that curiosity. Make sure that your child has as much educational
    material concerning drugs as possible, and hopefully, they won’t let their
    curiosity get the better of them.


    "My Parents Use Drugs"


    another reason children try drugs is that their parents use them or someone
    else influential in their life uses them. This is probably one of the saddest
    reasons a child begins to use drugs, trying to copy a role model. Make sure
    that you are being a good rule model. And make sure that your child has good
    role models around them instead of those that are giving them the impression
    that doing drugs is okay.


    are many reasons children begin to use drugs. Having a discussion of drug use
    as to why other kids begin using drugs, what happens to them as their drug
    addictions increase, and other types of educational materials can allow your
    child to make good decisions. Remember, teenagers have a rough road ahead of
    them and growing up is not easy, but it can be easier if they have someone to
    look up to.

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