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    Be Wise – Most Common Drug Slangs used by Teenagers to Hide from Parents

    Like it or not, teenagers have a hidden world from adults and it has existed for centuries. Teenagers are especially good at coming up with new terms or slang words for a variety of different drug substances.

    Having a good relationship with your teenager includes talking about the newest slang. If you start out discussing the newest slang or texting terms with your teenager, you can have a lot of fun as you become more confused as to how the slang came about. But this will open up doors as to what the newest slang terms are for the drugs that are being used in your child’s school

    A child or a teenager likes nothing better than to know more than their parents and you can use this to your advantage by continually talking to your child about the newest slang and texting terms.

    Remember, slang changes frequently, but there are good websites that are trying to keep up. So make sure you bookmark slang terms for your teenager, especially those that concern drugs.

    Often, you’ll hear terms such as skittles, vitamin D, orange crush, and other innocuous terms. Did you know these were terms commonly used to refer to the drug dextromethorphan?

    Or how about an "air blast"? This is a commonly used slang term for inhalants such as glue, whipped cream and other inhalants. Some other terms include Aunt Hazel-heroin, Aunt Mary-marijuana, Aunt Nora-cocaine, Aunti-opium or Aunti Emma- Opium.

    Here’s more…

    Crack cocaine and cocaine are often referred to as baseball, badrock, beat, beautiful boulders, barbs, California corn flakes, candy, candy sugar, the c game, Charlie, cola, crunch and munch, dice, dream electric, Kool-Aid, fish scales, eye-opener, french fries, groceries, ice cube, and many more.

    As you can see, if you do not pay attention to your child, they can become involved in drugs using slang terms and discuss its right in front of you easily without even realizing it. It could be difficult to determine exactly what drug your child is on or even if they are on drugs with these types of terms. It is important to be aware that slang terms for drugs change according to the area you live in, the age of your child, what type of drug be are using, and of course, their ingenuity in how to discuss things in front of you.

    Remember, children love it when parents do not know what they’re talking about, and they enjoy creating scenes where they are pulling the wool over your eyes. Should you find that your children are talking about things that you are not sure of, it’s time to dive in and get a bit of research done. Instead of accusing your children or being worried about using drugs, it is best if you educate yourself as to the latest slang terms for a variety of different drugs.

    Knowledge is power! As a parent it is important that you stay in tune with what’s going on in your child’s life. The more you know about drug use and keep abreast of the slang and testing terms your teenagers are using, the safer your child is going to be.

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