• #1 Danger for Your Teenager: Prescription Drug Abuse

    #1 Danger for Your Teenager: Prescription Drug Abuse

    Teenagers today are looking for even more ways to get a little bit high. Often, peer pressure, curiosity and to get away from strong hormonal emotions that they go through can lead to drug abuse. The number one danger for teenagers today is actually prescription drug abuse.

    For many reasons, teenagers have found that getting high on your prescription medications is one way to do drugs innocuously. In other words, you may not even realize that your child has taken a painkiller of yours. This can often lead to drug addiction, and even more drugs are used, they look for higher concentration drugs, begin to sell drugs, and of course, go through medical withdrawal symptoms when they no longer have their prescription drugs.

    Not only are kids buying and selling prescription drugs, but also they are often using them right out of your own medicine cabinet. You may not notice missing one or two painkillers, and you may not notice if you are on pain management medications missing a half empty bottle, and it happens, everyday.

    Even if your teenager is not using the drugs themselves because you have educated them as to prescription drug use, they can easily make extra cash by selling your drugs at school on a regular basis.

    You need to pay attention to any prescription drugs that your children or teenagers come in contact with. This means making sure that they do not have access to grandma and grandpa’s medicine cabinet, do not have access to your medicine cabinet, or even at their jobs such as babysitting, cleaning houses, or doing yard work. It’s easy for a child to slip into a bathroom and take a bottle, or even just a couple pills out of a bottle without anyone even realizing it.

    More kids today are using prescription drugs than ever before. Not only are doctors prescribing for prescription drugs on a regular basis to children, but they have access to them easily quickly.

    Make sure that you educate yourself and your children as to prescription medication. Your child needs to understand that even taking pain medication on an irregular basis can start to build a resistance and an addiction. This means that even if your child is only using prescription drugs once a week, they can begin to have medical issues because of it.

    Be an aware as a parent; talk to your child about what those kids that are considered druggies in school are doing, what they’re using, and where they’re getting it. There’s a good chance your child has been to drug use at one time or another if they are over the age of 14. This means that even younger children than ever are being introduced to prescription drugs, illegal drugs, as well as inhalants.

    Make sure that you are not putting yourself and your child at risk by keeping your prescription medications locked up. Also, robberies are happening every day for prescription drugs, whether it is teenagers stealing them out of your house or somebody walking in your door and taking them out of your medicine cabinet. Refrain from talking about your prescription drug use, keep it all locked up and make sure that your child understands the dangers of addiction from prescription drugs.

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