• Future of Hair Drug Testing

    What do experts say?

    Once viewed as a problem strictly associated with the adult male regime, the drug abuse has surprisingly found its way in young women & school kids. Drug abuse is a matter of concern, whether it is at workplace or at school.

    There is much more pressure to "perform & deliver" in corporate world today than ever before. Misuse of drugs, in order to gain a competitive edge may in turn spoil the working environment. Various surveys have also reported drug abuse as one of the major reasons behind continuously declining work ethics. So, people have started asking their prospective employees to submit pre-employment drug testing profiles as a part of essential eligibility credentials.

    Even if we do not believe the surveys & say that pre-employment drug testing has got nothing to do with the job profile, correlating the drug profiles with the application records & interview statements provides an invaluable indication about the behavioral & social facets of the potential employees. For obvious reasons, drug-free employees have fewer health problems, creating lower health costs. Drug abusers are four times more likely to injure a fellow employee. Moreover, employee theft is a significantly greater problem with drug abusers. Recognizing these facts, all the major corporations across the globe prefer to have a drug-free environment for better development and growth of the organization & its employees. So, employees also take these drug tests seriously.

    Hair Drug Testing is such a widely accepted & popular technique that it has found application in all major sectors where drug menace is on the rise. In the corporate world, hair drug testing is always considered superior to urine analysis. As an inside joke, urine drug testing has been labeled as “Liquid IQ Test” in various companies.

    On the lighter side, the major utility of Hair Drug testing is that one doesn’t need to carry those small white bottles to the bathroom, as is required for urine tests! Practically, this ease with which samples can be collected and handled is of great significance! Naturally, employers prefer this test over urine test!

    Hair drug testing has many applications. This test has been used in courtroom cases as a mean of monitoring drug use by parolees, in research assessing the gestational drug exposure from infant hairs or to detect teenage drug addiction! With increasing drug abuse in student community, schools have also taken steps in similar directions.

    Although most of the businesses, corporations & institutions go for drug testing nowadays but the trend is more biased towards Urine Drug testing. The major problem is unawareness. Most of us are not really aware of the sorts of ease-to-use drug testing procedures like Hair Drug Test which can used with ease for which, various kits are available commercially under various brand names like Hair Confirm that can be used without any expertise whatsoever!

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