• High School Grads Are Still Teens: Maintaining Your Hair Drug Test Regimen

    It is that time of year. High school seniors are feeling the tugs of freedom as their graduation date moves ever closer. It is a happy time for both you and your teen, but there is a certain level of responsibility that goes along with graduating for both the students and their parents. Students will soon be going off to college or joining the workforce. They will be faced with responsibilities that they have hopefully been prepared for, but there is nothing like the real thing. Parents will be expected to let go of their children a bit and allow them to grow up and become their own individuals outside of the ever-watchful eye of the K-12 system. However, while your teen still lives at home, especially during that summer between high school graduation and the start of college in the fall, you will need to take extra care to maintain any drug testing program you have established in your home.

    If you currently use hair drug testing to monitor your teen’s drug use, do not let high school graduation fool you into thinking it is no longer necessary to use them. Just like turning eighteen years old does not automatically make you a full-fledged adult in your ability to make responsible decisions, neither does graduating high school. While this event should be celebrated, definitely, as a parent you cannot forget that your teen will still be looking to you for guidance. One way to maintain this sort of guidance is to continue with whatever drug testing regimen you have established in your household.

    Hair drug testing is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to test for the use of illicit substances in your household. All you need to do is collect a sample of hair and mail it off to the laboratory. The collection process is detailed in the instructions that come with the test kit and shipping and laboratory fees are included in the test kit price. While you may not be able to achieve immediate results with hair drug testing kits, you do get the most accurate results available. These kits can detect drug use for up to 90 days after it has occurred. The only downside is that they cannot detect use within the past week or so. But that’s why it is so important to maintain your drug testing plan even once your teen has graduated. 

    Once your teen goes off to college, drug testing may be out of the question. But you can do everything within your power to keep your kids away from drugs while they are under your roof. A solid program of hair drug testing that you have always used and even continue to use after he or she graduates high school sends a strong message that you care about your teen. Hopefully, once your teen ventures out on his own, you can rest assured that the drug testing has stuck and kept them away from drugs and will continue to do so.

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