• History of Hair Drug Testing

    Over the years, drug abuse has increased manifold. With this arises the need for drug testing at various levels. Consequently, several methodologies have been developed to trace the drug abuse. Interestingly, along with the development of such testing techniques, some "genius bozos" have developed various counter techniques to "fool" the classical testing procedures, forcing the "good guys" to improve the trace back methods thus leading to development of new methods & techniques.

    One such basic and widely used method is the Urine Drug Test, where the drug metabolites are used as an indicator of drug abuse. There are several genuine hitches associated with this method like the metabolic time dependence as the metabolites do not wait for you to come and detect them, rather they prefer to pass along when the drug using bloke goes whistling in toilet! So, improved techniques were worked out & one such improved method is the Hair Drug Test.

    Since its "birth" the Hair Drug Test has gone fairly popular & is widely accepted as the most efficient and accurate method. The basic principle of hair drug testing is pretty basic! The drug metabolites stay for longer time duration in the hair follicles helping the drug inspection chaps identify them even after many weeks. As a sample for the test, hair segments of proper length are all what you need! The longer the segment is, the deeper one can dig in. Moreover, efficient and specialty tests may even reveal 6 months old metabolites thus, making them an excellent choice for forensic investigations.

    The core of the hair, the cortex, is connected to the arteries through hair follicles, which carries the drug traces along with the blood. As the hair grows, the metabolite residues are stored, entrapped within the core. So the metabolites cannot be washed away, cleaned, flushed or bleached, and hence they remain totally unaffected and stable over time. So, no matter which brand, no "cleansing" shampoo or any such material can "clean" the stored illicit drug metabolites, which is another advantage to this method, making it a much more powerful technique. Hence laboratory analysis of the hair fibers can reveal the total drug history of an individual. It takes 5 days from the day of administration for a drug to show up in a person’s hairs and it remains in for next 90 days.

    There are several Hair Drug Testing Kits available in the market under several brand names like HairConfirm. These kits are designed for the forensic, quantitative and anonymous laboratory analysis for the presence of illicit drug metabolites in the core structure of hair shafts.

    Hair drug tests can be used for several drugs like marijuana, opiates, ecstasy, alcohol, amphetamines, methamphetamine, barbiturates, Phenobarbital, benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine, codeine, morphine, heroin, LSD, Methadone, PCP etc.

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