• How to Secure Your Prescription Drugs from Your Teenagers Possible Use and Prevent Them from Selling Them

    How to Secure Your Prescription Drugs from Your Teenagers Possible Use and Prevent Them from Selling Them

    Unfortunately, the newest crazy drug use is prescription drugs for pain killers, heart medication and others. This means that if you are using prescription drugs for a medical condition, you are at risk. Not only that but your children are also at risk from not only using your drugs but also, from getting into the black market of being able to sell your drugs.

    Why are some Drugs considered Prescription Drugs?

    Your prescription drugs are prescription only for many reasons. Painkillers are addictive, heart medication can mess up a child’s heart rhythms and of course, other prescription drugs do affect you biologically. This is why it’s vital that you are aware of not only your own prescription drug use, but also of your prescription drug bottles and medication that you’ve used and do not use and what can happen if you lose your medications.




    Precautions with Prescription Drugs

    It is vital that you do not allow your children or teenagers access to your prescription medicines. There is good money to be made by selling your prescription painkillers and other medications to other kids. This means that even though your child may not use these drugs, they can take your drugs to sell to make extra money.

    – You need to keep your prescription drugs locked up, and out of eyesight of your children in today’s world. It’s unfortunate, but many trusted children are drawn by the money they could make by selling your drugs. This means you need a lockbox and it needs to be in a hidden area or at least it should be inaccessible to your teenagers.

    – Also, you might want to keep a bit quiet as to the medications that you are on. Not only are you at risk for being robbed by those who have found out you have prescription drugs such as painkillers in your home but, your child can get ideas.

    – Make sure you dispose of any kind a used prescription drugs in a careful and recommended manner. Although it is handy to have pain medication hanging around in case you need it, you’re just putting your self and your child in danger.

    There are many different types of prescription drugs that are being stolen on a regular basis. Because these drugs are addictive, children are mixing them and then snorting them, swallowing them, and inhaling them. It’s vital that you research prescription drug addiction, what children are doing with prescription drugs, and where and how they’re getting then.

    Here are some of the common names for painkillers that are often used by teenagers, OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, Valium, Xanax, Librium, Ritilin, Meridia, Dexadrine, Asthma inhalers, codeine, Tylox, Numorphan, Nembutal, Mepridine, MS Contine, Oramorph, Duramorph, Roxanol, Hydracodeine, Maxindol, Diazepam, Meprobamate, Deprol, Miltown, Equanil and many, many more.

    Prescription drugs are dangerous medication to hang on to; make sure that you do not hang onto extra medications, lock all of your prescription medications up, and keep quiet about what you’re taking so you are not at risk and neither is your teenager.

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