• Dealing with Teenage Substance Abuse


    Helping your kids may actually hurt them (Dealing with Teenage Substance Abuse)

    By Linda Lewis Griffith
    Aug. 07, 2007

    This article talks about how drug testing on a daily basis can be a great tool for dealing with teenage substance abuse testing  If parents intervene too much, children may fail to grasp that there are consequences when they break the rules. 


    If your child is abusing drugs or alcohol and is consistently disruptive to your household, consider taking these steps:

    – Know that you did not cause this child’s addiction, and you can not do anything to stop it. You can, however, stop rescuing the youngster and allowing the behavior to continue unchecked. Let go of your guilt. Take action.
    – Understand that you do not have to put up with your child’s verbal or physical abuse. You have the right to feel safe in your home. Call the police if your child repeatedly threatens you.
    – Set clear rules for your child’s behavior. Such rules may include: not driving the family car; regular school attendance or employment; daily drug testing; polite, respectful behavior; 10 o’clock evening curfew.
    – Be available to oversee the child’s actions. Addicted children cannot be trusted. Parents must be present to ensure their kids are in compliance.
    – If those rules cannot be met, the child must live somewhere else. This is a terribly difficult step to take. But it may be necessary to stop the downward spiral. Sometimes an arrest by the police or a period of sleeping in a car is necessary to help addicts seek the help they need.
    – Attend Al-Anon. You’ll encounter other parents who are struggling with loved ones’ addictions. You’ll realize that you aren’t alone. And you’ll add new strategies to your repertoire.

    By Linda Lewis Griffith   For the full article click here



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