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    SAN DIEGO – A home test kit called SteroidConfirm can detect up to 17 different anabolic steroids, equipping parents and coaches with a new weapon for combating steroid abuse, according to manufacturer Confirm BioSciences.
    Said to be the first product of its kind,
    SteroidConfirm includes a medical review officer report, which gives the recipient the opportunity to consult with a doctor regarding test results. Using liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry, the urine test can quantify substances well below regular cutoff levels, according to the company.
    SteroidConfirm is designed for consumer use and includes a patented syringe within a sealable tube to minimize accidental spills or transport damage. This design provides an ample volume of specimen and is less bulky than transport cups, according to Confirm BioSciences.

    The short-term performance benefits of steroids make them more attractive to young adults than illegal narcotics, notes Mason Duchatscheck, founder and chief executive officer of St. Louis-based TestMyTeen.com. "There are also more kids in club or school sports activities than there are using [recreational] drugs, and the peer pressure for winning is tremendous," he adds.


    The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that more than a half-million eighth and 10th graders are using these dangerous drugs, and increasing numbers of high school seniors don’t believe steroids are risky. Another study indicates that 1.8 million Americans, or 0.5% of the adult population, have said that they have used anabolic steroids. According to the "Monitoring the Future Survey," released by the Department of Health and Human Services, steroid abuse is especially prevalent among male 12th graders. SteroidConfirm provides a medical review officer report and a chain-of-custody form for use by organizations that regularly test employees or schools that screen student athletes. 

    Parents can use these tools as well to interpret results. Confidential test results are also available through a secure,online portal; no personal information is required.


    "Concerns about body image and athletic performance may be leading teens, as well as adult men and women, to use anabolic steroids, despite the serious side effects of these drugs," says Zeynep Ilgaz, CEO of Confirm BioSciences. "Because people like the physical results they see when they use steroids, it can easily turn into steroid abuse."



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