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    Find Out If Your Kids Are On Drugs

    November 07, 2007
    Love Shak, Baby

    How far would you go to know for sure if your child were using drugs? I so wish I didn’t have to think of this. I refuse to be naive about the subject but I hope and pray I do not have to deal with it. Do I sound naive?

    An article published at canada.com talks about drug testing from home…

    “VANCOUVER — An American company has come up with a home drug-testing kit for parents who suspect their kids are up to no good.

    Parents can already use GPS tracking devices in cars or cellphones to monitor their teens’ whereabouts and online monitoring tools to track their kids’ Internet usage.

    Now, for $64.99 US, HairConfirm can let parents know within 48 hours if their teen is using drugs.

    “It can test for seven different drugs — including amphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, PCP and marijuana,” said Confirm BioSciences CEO Zeynep Ilgaz, whose San Diego-based company posted revenues last year of $2.6 million.

    The one-time-use kit provides an accurate drug history of up to 90 days, including frequency of use, said Ilgaz.

    “It can tell if the person is experimenting, if they’re a recreational user or addicted.”

    Do you really not trust your kids this much? I had to stop and think about this one. I guess if I thought there was a true addiction and I knew I was helping them, I would do it. I hope to always have an open and honest relationship with my kids.  Sound naive again? I hope not.

    I’d like to think that I am building solid and trusting relationships with my kids. I want them to trust me enough to talk with me about everything. If I sound naive please don’t tell me because I don’t want to know. I will get through these years!

    What do you think? Tough one or no brainer? Let me know.

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