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    New technology available for parents to drug test their kids 



    It’s somthing many parents of teenagers think about at one time or another, ”is my child using or abusing drugs?”.

    The latest statistics are troubling, one in five teenagers or 4.5 million have taken drugs to get high, and then there are the superstars like Michael Phelps and Lindsey Lohan who have very publicly been busted using illegal drugs.

    But there is also new technology out there that makes drug testing very easy, in fact in can be done in the comfort of your own home. The latest product on the market is called Hair Confirm, you can find it on a Discount Drug Mart shelf and it can tell you if you child is doing drugs, which ones and how often in the past 90 days. Parents send a hair sample from their child to the lab and two business days later, mom or dad can log on to get the results.

    Some parents we spoke with said they would only use such tests if they needed them, ”I wouldn’t do it just to do it, I would only do it if i had a concern.”

    While other moms said drug testing is simply a reality in the world we live in, ”With the job I have, we get it done randomly anyway and doing that at home with all the things going on these days, it’s probably a safe thing to do.”

    You may think teens would be up in arms over the thought of parents pulling out a drug test, but a couple high school seniors we talked to said bring on the test, it could actually help a bad situation. Richie from Stebbins says, ”I think it’s a parent’s choice to test their kid if they think they’re doing something wrong. I think they have a right to test them.” Tyler, also a Stebbins student agreed, ”If parents are suspicious, it’s their responsibility to find out and to make sure their kids are not getting into trouble. They gotta know so they can help them stop.”

    The new Hair Confirm tests runs about $60 bucks and again can trace back 90 days. There are other urine and saliva based tests available for less money and all are available right inside your local drug store.

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