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    New, easy at-home drug test may help parents 
    August 11, 2008

    By Brian Wood

    New, easy at-home drug test may help parents

    By Brian Wood and KATU Web Staff

    KSDK — Some teens face all sorts of peer pressure to experiment with marijuana, pills and cocaine.

    PORTLAND, Ore. – Parents wanting to keep their kids drug free have a new option: a first-of-its-kind drug test that only requires a little hair.

    Hairconfirm claims to be 99.9 percent accurate and tests for a wide variety of illegal and prescription drugs.

    With just a small bit of hair – taken with or without a kids’ knowledge – parents can find out whether their child is taking drugs, the company says.

    “You can see the frequency of abuse so you can find out if the person is an occasional user versus a medium user or on the very high addictive level,” said Zeynep Ilgaz, CEO of Confirm BioSciences.
     Parent Kelly Bonnin likes the idea of such a test, saying there is already testing at his work.

    “We have random drug testing, and why shouldn’t our kids,” he said. “That’s the future. They are our future, and we need to take care of them.”

    His daughter said she didn’t think it would be an invasion of privacy.

    “… He is just doing the right thing for me,” she said.

    But friend Chloe Thorns said such a test is too much.

    “There is like a line. You can tell your parents stuff in a way, and then there is another line where it’s like, ‘I am not going to tell my parents stuff,’ ” she said.

    Even Hairconfirm officials say the drug test is not the final answer.

    “We want parents to keep an open communication with their kids about the whole drug problem, and so doing a drug test is not going to be a solution,” Ilgaz said.

    The test sells for between $65 and $90. It is not in stores in the Portland-area yet but is available online.

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