• 07-31-07: Confirm BioSciences Increases Distributor Network

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    Confirm BioSciences Increases Distributor Network
    After just 6 weeks on the market, HairConfirm – First Comprehensive Home-based Hair Follicle is already on a growth spurt

    SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (July 31, 2007)– Confirm BioSciences is pleased to announce that it has over 20 distributors and retailers for the HairConfirm product line throughout the US after being on the market for just 6 weeks. The company has just recently signed an agreement with Amazon for its internet initiative. It’s anticipated based on current sales that the distributors combined will purchase more than 200,000 kits annually. The company is currently in discussions with some of the major pharmacy chains for retail distribution.

    “Parents have been asking for a product like this for several years, many prefer a hair test to an instant urine test and like the fact that the hair test goes back several months in detecting drug use.  We expect this product to be a big seller”, said Joseph Reilly of Florida Drug Screening, one of HairConfirm’s main distributors.  Reilly is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of DATIA, the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association with over 1300 members.

    HairConfirm enables parents to take a more proactive role in preventing their children’s illegal drug use. “By offering HairConfirm through our distributors, we are better able to offer the product to a wide range of individuals who need to use the test” said Zeynep Ilgaz President & CEO of Confirm BioSciences. “The feedback we have gotten from parents that have used the test has been overwhelming. It is a good feeling to know that we’re making a difference in those family’s lives. By drug testing at home, parents are not only confronting the problem but also are doing something about it.” she continued. The HairConfirm Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit is ideal for parents who want to test their teens.

    HairConfirm is the first home test of its kind to provide accurate results and a detailed drug history report-detecting drug use for up to 90 days and identifying whether the user is a low, medium or high user. Moreover, test results are available two business days after the lab receives the sample, the fastest turnaround time in hair testing. Unlike urine and saliva testing which can be tampered with and detectable for only up to two or three days, HairConfirm screens for the five most popular drug classes including cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, opiates and heroine.

    “Drug testing sounded scary and invasive, but when I came across the Hair Confirm Hair Follicle Test Kit I felt immediately at ease. The days of complicated tests are over and I’m eternally grateful.” said Carolyn Simmons of Montgomery, Alabama

    HairConfirm is sold through resellers and drug stores and available to consumers, and schools. For more information visit http://www.hairconfirm.com/

    About Confirm BioSciencesâ„¢
    Confirm BioSciences is a global leader in the field of Lab Testing for Drugs of Abuse. The Company has developed a diagnostic home based hair follicle test kit, HairConfirm for the detection of drugs of abuse.

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